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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Summer is a great time to continue learning and exploring while trying out new activities with your child. Below please find some Summer Fun Family Activities.

Bowling: Utilize six empty water bottles and a ball. Turn the water bottles into bowling pins. If you find that the water bottles are falling over too easily, fill the bottles up with a little water or dry pasta. You can also write letters and numbers on the bottles. When you or your child knocks down the pins you both can identify the numbers or letters on your homemade bowling pins. For nonverbal children, ask them to roll the ball to a pin that has a specific letter or number. 

Family Room Picnic: Grab a basket or container and have your child assist you with filling it up with drinks, food, paper plates, utensils and napkins. Once you have your basket or container packed, have your child assist you with placing a blanket on the family room floor. Next, unpack your picnic together and enjoy. This is a great opportunity to have your child practice opening containers and snack/sandwich bags. 

Ice Melting Experiment: Fill plastic cups or containers with water. Have your child add various objects to the water (for example: plastic toys, rocks, sticks). Next, place the cups or containers in the freezer. Once the water freezes, place the containers or cups outside and have your child observe how they melt at different rates in the sun.

Have fun making memories while learning and exploring together!

Important Information Regarding Parking On The Street:

When parking on local streets, you are reminded to always be mindful and always obey posted street signs. Do not obstruct driveways, double park, block fire hydrants and/or park in the factory complex on Kipp Avenue in Elmwood Park. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this very important parking matter.



 Nicole Grillo, Ed. D.


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