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Vice Principal - Nicole Grillo, Ed.D.

Welcome November! Please take time to explore our Early Childhood Learning Center Website where you can find updated information and keep up to date on classroom and school wide news and events. Wonderful Wednesday will be held on November 27th. There will be a Family Banner Day Parade at 10:30 AM followed by a Thanksgiving Luncheon in your child's classroom.  

Waiting can be hard for children and adults. What can you and your child do to have fun and learn while waiting for food to arrive in a restaurant, for the bus to come, or in a long line at the store? Try playing one of the games listed below. You can change any of these games to fit your child’s age and interests. For younger children, make clues simpler or choose more obvious items. Adjust your play times to match your child’s attention span or the length of wait. Playing games makes waiting fun!

 I Spy: The first player looks around and chooses an object that all players can see and then provides one clue: “I spy with my little eye something that is blue.” The other players take turns guessing the object.

The Rainbow Game: One person chooses a color, and the others look for something of that color. When everyone spots something of the first color, another player chooses a new one.



Informational Website: 

Families who have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often look for tips on how to handle the many different challenges that may arise. Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism is a series of practical videos and resources requested by families and presented by the experts at Children's Specialized Hospital. Here is a link to the informational website:


Please feel free to stop by my office or contact me if you have 

any questions or concerns. 





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